Glenn Lurie: A Tech and Telecom Titan Making Waves in the Industry

Glenn Lurie is a name that resonates in the tech and telecom sectors. With his extensive experience as the former CEO of AT&T Mobility and Synchronoss Technologies, Lurie has made significant contributions to the industry. Now, he is leveraging his leadership expertise at Stormbreaker Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on mobility.

Lurie’s journey in the tech world began in the early 1990s when he started working in the cellular industry. His talent for sales and marketing quickly propelled him into leadership positions. At AT&T, Lurie played a vital role in the exclusive partnership with Apple to launch the first iPhone, revolutionizing the mobile industry.

During his tenure at AT&T, Lurie held various executive positions, including President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Operations. He oversaw the company’s digital life, IoT, and emerging enterprises and partnerships organizations. Lurie’s ability to identify emerging trends and forge strategic relationships with global companies and OEMs played a crucial role in AT&T’s success in the IoT space.

In 2018, Lurie took on the role of President, CEO, and member of the board of directors at Synchronoss Technologies. Under his leadership, the company provided multichannel transaction management solutions in the digital content and communication sectors.

Now, as a partner at Stormbreaker Ventures, Lurie brings his wealth of expertise in mobility, telecom, and tech to support the firm’s portfolio companies. His industry knowledge and extensive network of contacts make him a valuable asset in identifying investment opportunities and connecting start-ups with key stakeholders.

Lurie’s people-first approach, characterized by his three Ps philosophy – people, purpose, and passion – sets him apart as a leader. He believes in the power of collaboration and values the contributions of individuals within an organization.

Stormbreaker Ventures recognizes Lurie’s significant contributions and the value he brings to the firm. His visionary thinking and deep understanding of the mobility sector position him at the forefront of innovation.

Glenn Lurie’s journey in the tech and telecom sectors is a testament to his leadership abilities and industry knowledge. As he continues to make waves at Stormbreaker Ventures, his impact on the mobility space will undoubtedly be felt for years to come.