In a world where digital activism often takes precedence, Ella Robertson, the managing director
of One Young World, offers a compelling perspective on the state of modern
advocacy. With a focus on tackling the epidemic of slacktivism and bridging
divides, Ella Robertson emphasizes the importance of tangible actions in effecting real change. 

Slacktivism, as defined by Merriam-Webster, refers to the practice of publicly supporting a
cause on social media without taking any concrete steps to bring about change.
Robertson highlights this as the number one sin of activism, noting that simply
sharing posts or displaying symbols of support without taking meaningful action
can create a false sense of accomplishment. 

In an era where the average adult spends two-and-a-half hours a day on social media, Robertson
questions the impact that could be made if that time were dedicated to actually
engaging in the causes one supports. She emphasizes the need to move beyond the
superficial and to actively participate in the issues at hand. 

Another crucial aspect of activism, according to Ella Robertson, is engaging
with individuals who hold differing viewpoints. While it may be easier to align
with like-minded activists, she encourages seeking out those with contrasting
opinions. By engaging in open dialogue and finding common ground, progress can
be made even amidst disagreements. 

Furthermore, Robertson cautions against relying solely on disruptive tactics to garner
attention for a cause. While disruption and controversy have their place in
activism, she believes that movements should be cautious not to alienate
potential allies. Instead, she advocates for a more measured approach, focusing
on the quieter, less glamorous work that leads to lasting change. 

Ella Robertson’s insights shed light on the need for meaningful activism that goes beyond
surface-level support. By taking concrete actions, engaging with diverse
perspectives, and adopting a strategic approach to disruption, individuals and
movements can make a real impact on the issues that matter most. 

In conclusion, Ella Robertson’s work with One Young World serves as a reminder of the importance of tangible activism in a
world dominated by slacktivism. Her calls to engage in meaningful action,
bridge divides, and reconsider the effectiveness of disruptive tactics provide
valuable insights for activists looking to create lasting change. By heeding
her advice, individuals and movements can make a true difference in the world. 

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