With over 80 percent of people globally accessing the internet, social media has become part of people’s lives. These platforms show significant daily advancements as people discover new operating methods. They range from simple communication platforms to modern complex sites linking everyone worldwide and providing a common marketplace that anyone can access. It is right to say that social media has “erased” all the geographical barriers between people; Jason Hope has several views on the current state of social media and its future. They are;


 Promoting Growth in the Business Sector

With the wide variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, the world has become a global village that promotes a steady relationship between businesses and potential customers. Jason Hope perceives social media as a common global market where anyone can buy or sell commodities from the comfort of their home.


Enhanced Entertainment

The entertainment industry has significantly evolved due to the advancements in social media. It has become very easy to access any music or movie through the platforms. In the past, one would have to walk to a cinema to get the latest releases or wait for them to be aired on the broadcasting channels. Today, Jason Hope agrees, anyone who can access the internet becomes the first to access the latest releases. Gaming has also developed drastically as new versions are released daily and shared through the platforms. People are given a chance to share ideas on growing the industry.


Education Advancement

Online tutoring has been made easier through social media, where students can attend lectures from around the world. It has provided easy access to learning materials for students as they are rapidly shared online. According to Jason Hope, social media is no longer just a communication platform but has become a wide virtual world that people are joining at a rapid pace.