In a recent interview, Salesforce Chair and Co-CEO Marc Benioff discussed the company’s approach to navigating the post-pandemic business landscape and driving success through innovation and customer-centricity. Benioff expressed confidence in Salesforce’s commitment to growth and margins despite the market underestimation of their potential. He pointed to several key announcements, such as appointing Robin Washington as lead independent director, announcing a $10 billion stock buyback, setting a 25% margin target, and confirming a $50 billion revenue goal, as evidence of the company’s dedication to thriving in the current environment.

Benioff emphasized that the real inspiration and motivation for investors came from witnessing the company’s progress firsthand at a recent event. The positive reactions from attendees surpassed his expectations, indicating that Salesforce is on a path that exceeds their initial hopes.

When asked about the importance of deal size to Salesforce’s future, Benioff stressed that the company values all transactions, regardless of their magnitude. He expressed enthusiasm for customers adopting various Salesforce products. However, he highlighted that the ideal scenario is when customers embrace the entire integrated suite, Customer 360.

At the event, Salesforce showcased its latest innovation, Jeanie, a real-time extension to their core platform. Benioff emphasized the importance of delivering high-quality innovation, artificial intelligence, and automation to customers, and the positive reception from attendees reinforced the value of these advancements.

Reflecting on the post-pandemic landscape, Benioff encouraged businesses to embrace a “beginner’s mind” approach, recognizing that the world has entered a new frontier. He stressed the need for companies to think about their business in a new way, building technology they did not have to make before to meet the evolving needs of their customers. To illustrate this point, he mentioned the enhancements to Slack, including audio, video, and huddle features, which cater to the growing demand for effective hybrid work environments.

Benioff’s observations underscore the importance of thriving in the post-pandemic business world by embracing innovation, customer-centricity, and adaptability. By focusing on delivering cutting-edge solutions and adapting to the new reality, Salesforce aims to exceed expectations and maintain its position as an industry leader. As businesses navigate this new frontier, Benioff’s insights serve as a valuable reminder of the need to remain agile and responsive to customers’ evolving needs in a post-pandemic world.